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Young-earth creationism — the idea that the world and the universe are less than 10,000 years old — is completely absent in the muslim world the qur’an, the muslim holy book, does contain the six-day creation account, just like the bible’s book of genesis. Libya's population is 966 percent muslim here, libyan muslims pray on the first day of eid al-adha, or the festival of sacrifice, which marks the end of the hajj pilgrimage to mecca. Muslim population has been ever increasing through birth rate as well as high rate of conversions islam is fastest growing religion and consequently this religion has become now the largest followers on this planet.

Quran contradiction who was the first muslim according to several passages in the quran, muhammad was the first muslim: say: shall i choose for a protecting friend other than allah, the originator of the heavens and the earth, who feedeth and is never fed. Muslims make up a majority of the population in 49 countries around the world the country with the largest number (about 209 million) is indonesia, where 872% of the population identifies as muslim. How old would a human being say the earth/universe is 6000 years or 45 billion years for the earth, 135 billion years for the universe i think the answer to the above is the answer to your question as well: it varies. Anaxagoras (c 450 bc) agreed that the earth was flat, and his pupil archelaus believed that the flat earth was depressed in the middle like a saucer, to allow for the fact that the sun does not rise and set at the same time for everyone.

At this moment muslim population stands at 218 billion which is far greater than currently estimated 16 to 17 billion whereas christian population is 201 billion [religiouspopulationcom] according to some sources muslim populations in india, china, nigeria, tanzania, ethiopia and in some other countries are displayed less than the actual population they have. So his purpose of life is a standing purpose worshipping allah by accepting allah's will over his own this act of ibadah [worshipping, thanking and extolling the greatness almighty allah on his terms and conditions] is for the muslim, throughout his whole life regardless of the stage. A khalifah is a steward, a successive human authority, on earth that steward is assigned to worship and obey allah which includes constructing on earth and dealing with allah’s creation in ways that are pleasing to him. One muslim website candidly admits that the heavens and earth are in fact stationary according to the quran: question: assalam-o-alaikum, what is the ruling of sharia on the movement of earth. But none of them address the issue of what jews and muslims think about earth's age most of these scholars agree that the old testament/torah/what ever muslims call it is a set of stories, from multiple view points about the early days of earth.

(1) the expression of the hadith, ‘he will sink down the seven earths on the day of resurrection,’ indicates the stratification of these earths around one center (2) the accuracy with which the prophet of islam referred to the seven inner layers of earth. What muslims and others who are accountable and of sound mind must do is repent to allaah, adhere firmly to his religion and avoid all that he has forbidden of shirk and sin, so that they may be safe and attain salvation from all evils in this world and the next, and so that allaah will ward off from them all harm, and bless them with all good allaah says (interpretation of the meaning). Muslim populations are concentrated in some of the fastest-growing parts of the world the finding is part of the center's report on the future of the world's religions.

Earth muslim

The earth’s crust is a solidified shell on which we can live the quran rightly refers to it like a carpet spread out, so that we can travel along its roads and paths 2. - muslim scientists in the 14th century concluded that the earth is round from the noble quran - the two easts and two wests on earth in the noble quran and the roundness of the earth - the earth literally has two sun rising points and two sun setting points. The axial tilt of the earth has been known for a surprisingly long time the first reasonably accurate measurements were made in china and india the first (that we know of) was made in 1100 bc (over 3000 years ago) by chou li the next set of measurements came from greek geographers about 750.

By 2030 the global population is set to reach over 8 billion and 264% of that population will be muslim a report by the pew forum on religion & public life titled “the future of the global muslim population” projects that the number of muslims in the world is set to double from 11billion in 1990 to 22 billion in 2030. Popular muslim belief has come to have it that man was created in paradise from where he was put down on earth it is also believed by a large section of muslims that god has a bag of souls which, from time to time, he releases singly to become human beings.

The muslimah who fell to earth offers a timely intervention against popular, global discourses that seek to pigeonhole and simplify muslim identities the title documents quotidian, female voices, where these stories are often suppressed. Revelation 21:1 and i saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth did pass away, and the sea is not any more 2 and i, john, saw the holy city--new jerusalem--coming down from god out of the heaven. Islam and science islam and science – introduction khurshid ahmad gives us a clear statement regarding the connection between islam and science: “the basic islamic concept is that the entire universe was created by god, whom islam calls allah and who is the lord and sovereign of the universe.

Earth muslim
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